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CHEMICAL RESISTANCE GUIDE (Courtesy of API International)

HVAC PORTAL - "The Home Page of the HVAC Industry"

American National Standards Institute - organization producing many standards adopted by building code.

Building Codes Assistance Project - is a not-for-profit organization working to save energy in homes and buildings by promoting the adoption and implementation of building energy codes. It provides FREE assistance to states and municipalities in their efforts to adopt and implement both commercial and residential energy codes.

Building Officials & Code Administrators - organization providing model code documents like National Building Code, National Mechanical Code

Buildingteam.com - provides codes database with detailed information on building codes for all 50 states, major cities, and some counties.

Carl Mileff & Associates, Inc. - resources for information, discussions and software about building code, design and construction

Codecheck.com - On-line help with building codes, plumbing codes, mechanical codes and electrical codes

Factory Mutual - property loss prevention organization which offers testing and listing of construction systems and components

International Conference of Building Officials - organization providing model code documents like Uniform Building Code, Uniform Mechanical Code

National Standard System Network - comprehensive data network on developing and approved national, foreign, regional and international standards and regulatory documents.

Underwriters Laboratories - non-profit product safety testing and certification organization


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